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Supply & Installation of:

  • Engineered wood floors

  • Hardwood floors

  • Re-Claimed Teak floors

  • Vinyl Plank floors

  • Laminate floors


Specialize in:

  • Custom patterned floors such as Chevron, Herringbone, etc.

  • Custom borders

  • Custom floor inlays

  • Sand and Refinishing of hardwood and engineered wood.


Experts in subfloor preparation:

Subfloor preparation is critical to a successful flooring install.  The finished floor is only as good as the subfloor is. If the subfloor is poor, not properly cleaned/dry, and not level, the flooring performance and finished look will suffer and may require reinstallation.  This is an essential step in creating a floor that will last.

Subfloor prep.jpg
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